I didn’t much like April 2012.

Work was frenetic, as I had expected it to be.

There was family related stress.

I dropped my phone, it broke and I lost every phone number I have, every photo I’d taken on it, every note I’d made, every diary appointment.

The hard drive on my computer also failed.

It was a month of peskiness.

And then.

On the last day of the month, my Grandfather passed away. He was 96. For 93 of his years, he had splendid health. The last three years, he’s been quite frail and sort of up and down.

96 is pretty good innings really. And yet I have spent the past week feeling utterly sad. Heartbroken, even. I miss you Grandpa.

If I think on the month as a whole, there were good moments too:

  • We bought our dream house and move in just a few weeks.
  • My birthday came and went and I was spoilt rotten and made to feel most loved.
  • I was reminded that I have many wonderful people in my life.


May’s going to be better, right?