Friday five

Five lovely internet finds from this fabulous Friday.

1) Funny little toys from Lucky Boy Sunday
I love the girl with the worried face – she looks like she needs a big hug!

2) Funny stationery from Mac & Murphy
I know a few people that I could send this card to!

3) Clear balloons filled with pretties!
I want to pop this and dance around in the confetti!

4) Cute spool necklace from Kortni Sheely, spotted here this morning.
A bit twee but I’d still wear one. I like cute, quirky, necklaces.

5) Leather and wood trivets, found here on Design Sponge.
I’m not really good at DIY but you know what? I’m going to try this! I think they look like pot holders made of chalk!

And five lovely quotes that I found here.

What’s the biggest room you’ve ever come across?

No that’s not the biggest. The biggest room is your mind. Now what are you going to do fill it with?

Have you heard about tomorrow? It’s a mysterious place where 90% of all our motivation & achievements are held. Will it ever arrive?*

A bad day doesn’t exist. Just bad moments we’ve chosen to carry all day long. Life is a series of moments. Life goes on. Sometimes we don’t.

Happiness is being in harmony with who you are and the life you lead.

The past is done and dusted. Once you truly understand and believe this it has no power over you. Why waste your energy on what’s already happened? Use your energy on what you can become now.

Happy Friday people!

*That one is for you Deb!

One thought on “Friday five

  1. That trivet is trè cool :) I sense a Christmas present idea coming on! And those softies r cute. I love clear balloons, but you know…I can only think of having to clean up all that lovely confetti (I’m such a party pooper!).

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