Overrated, underrated, perfectly rated


  • Gold Class and La Premier movies
    Seriously, a night out for two people that costs more than $100 and consists of nothing more than a slightly larger movie seat and some dodgy over priced food. Never. Again.
  • Golf
    THE most boring sport in the world. IN THE WORLD. In caps. People walk around ALL DAY whacking a ball into a small hole. What is fun about doing that? What is fun about watching it? And what a waste of space those golf courses are. Convert them all to parks that we can picnic in I say! Oh. And the pants they wear. Somebody please forbid them.
  • Poetry
    Not a fan (will you still be my friend Melly?).
  • Paris
    Belgium is better. But I’ve covered this before.
  • Mainstream best sellers
    How do writers like Bryce Courtney manage to sell so many novels?
  • Parties
    So much work and never enough satisfying conversation.
  • Clapping
    It hurts my hands!
  • Sliced bread
    Husband frequently uses the expression ‘The best thing since sliced bread’ but I just really don’t think sliced bread is all that cool.
  • Work attire
    I’d be FAR more productive if I could wear jeans every day. I might start a movement…
  • Sitcoms
    I know I wax lyrical on this but sitcoms seriously make me want to stab myself in the face. And then stab everyone involved with them in the face.  
  • Being a grown up
    ’nuff said.

 Under rated

  • October
    It always seems to be such a good month. But December and January get all the attention.
  • Kiwi fruits
    So much fuss is made about berries but what about the humble Kiwi fruit? They have feelings too you know.
  • Good manners
    It makes my day when I see good manners exhibited. Seems they are becoming more and more rare.
  • Nurses, teachers & the garbage men
    Most important people in our society don’t you think? They should get politicians’ wages. And those pollies who do naught but backstab and perform like children should get the $50,000 odd that nurses earn each year. Yeah! That’ll show ’em. 
  • Comfortable silence 
    Nobody ever talks about this ;)
  • Dandelion tea
    Why has it taken me 31 years to discover how ah-may-ZING dandelion tea is. Why didn’t anyone tell me sooner?
  • Pencils
    I love the scratchy sound they make when you write with them.
  • Quirks
    Foibles are what make us all so interesting and fun don’t you think?
  • Dinner food for breakfast and breakfast food for dinner
    I’ve always been a big fan of eating leftovers for breakfast and having eggs for dinner. Husband finds this quite strange.
  • Thyme
    As I’ve said before, it’s really the most underrated herb.
  • Pickles
    Pickles are awesome. We should eat more of them.
  • Lock and lock
    So much better than Tupperware peoples. A game changer in transporting left overs to work!
  • Joshua Jackson
    Why is he not the most famous man on earth? Why?
  • Deodrant 
    Imagine the horror of commuting if deodorant did not exist. *shudder*
  • Productivity
    How good does it feel when you’ve been super productive and crossed stuff off your to do list?
  • Tidy cupboards and drawers
    Nothing makes you feel more organised.  Get into it.
  • The smell of drycleaners 
    I love to inhale deeply when I walk past a dry cleaner. Is that weird?

Perfectly rated

    • The cuteness of animals doing funny, human like things
      Pinterest is full of this stuff!
    • The internet 
      The best invention of all time. Instead of refering to sliced bread, we should all be saying ‘It’s the best thing since the internet’.
    • Love
      Makes the world go round!
    • Coffee
      A legally addictive stimulant.  
    • Stretching. I love running home from the gym and then lying on my carpet and stretching for ages. People have always talked it up but I’ve only recently begun to appreciate the awesomeness that is stretching.
    • Best friends
      Can’t live without my nearest and dearest. No Siree. 

Anything else to add to the list?

The travel bug is biting

The travel bug has been kind of nibbling on me for the last few months. And in the past couple of weeks it’s started to gnaw more furiously. A friend at work has just come back from Cambodia and Laos and another friend, from India. I also have Vietnam on the brain….

It’s been far too long since I’ve been on a big OS trip and I think it’s time to start saving my pennies so I can soon leave on a jet plane.

I think my Mumzy and I are going to do Europe next year. A couple of our favourite people might be setting up house in Germany so it seems like the perfect time to visit. I’ve been starting to look into places we can travel. And at the moment, they all seem to revolve around places with interesting roofs.

I’m dreaming of Puglia in Italy, thatched homes in England and the amazing caves of Cappadocia, Turkey.

Traditonal Trulli houses in Puglia
Adorable thatched and weatherboard homes in Essex
Ancient cavetown near Goreme, Cappadocia, Turkey

The question is, can I wait until next year to travel? Or should I book a mini Asian get away to tide me over?