Night time internet finds

For one week every month, Husband and I get insomnia. There’s no pattern. It doesn’t regularly happen in the second week of every month, or during full moon. Although that might mean we were werewolves which would be pretty cool. But it’s randomly timed.

There doesn’t seem to be any real reason either. We aren’t particularly stressed right now, we haven’t been spending more than the usual amount of time online. Who knows what it’s all about.

It’s good if we both get it in the same week but sometimes it doesn’t happen that way and then it’s even less fun.

One night this week I was tossing and turning when Ian woke up and looked at me. I was hopeful he’d want to sit up and talk but he rolled back over and carried on sleeping. Half his luck.

Instead of carrying on with my flip flopping and tossing and turning, I got up and got online. Which is probably the worst thing I could have done because it got my brain all over active and excited. I didn’t get one mite more of sleep that night but I did find these lovely items below in my Googley Reader. So all round, I’d say it was a successful insomniac’d night.

Featured here were these sweet wooden earings from Each to Own. Wood + love hearts + polka dots! Goodness gracious, what was life like before Etsy? I’m sure it couldn’t have been that good.

I also adore these little love heart dishes that were featured here. If I was a scientist, every petri dish I’d use would look like this. But since I’m not, I’d say that they’d work nicely for holding rings too! Pity they cost $50 each. 

And then. THEN! This cute card shop. Oh my goodness. I want every print they sell. Here’s a few of my favs.

And now it’s time to try and catch some Zzzzs. Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “Night time internet finds

  1. I used to always get onto my computer when I couldn’t sleep as well. When I bought my laptop at Christmas I thought at least I could stay in bed and play on it rather than going downstairs etc which I assumed to be more disruptive.

    Although… as you know I guess – all of the literature tells us NOT to ‘stimulate’ our minds even more (though a girl needs SOMETHING to do during those sleepless hours!)


  2. Are snails the new gazelle which are the new owls?! They are complete loveliness. If only the snails that eat my mail were as cute :) I usually toss and turn but occasionally I will do something thoroughly productive and go and wash dishes in the middle of the night ;p

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