From across the internets, I bring to you -cute stuff!

Lookey, lookey at all the nice things I’ve found on the interwebs this sweet afternoon.

There’s this lovely sign that seems most apt, given my post on quietness the other day.

And in Rifle Paper Co’s online shoppe there is lots of quirky things.

The picture of the monsters in the bushes really amuses me. I love how the girl is just walking on past with not a care in the world. If you look closely though, her dog is freaking out! I also love the doggy coasters. I’m in need of new coasters! And that little book worm reminds me of one that Leigh and I used to mimic when we’d watch the Huggabunch as kids.

These whimsical pieces of jewellery from Rare Indeed on Etsy are so much fun! A circus tent brooch!!! Paper plane earings! Ooohh. Delightful!

Quolial, also on Etsy has some lovely, leather, arrow necklaces. I spotted them on this blog earlier in the week and I’ve been day dreaming about them. I think Alissa would look good in one too :)

I also found these weird little softies featured on the same blog. And like them I do. They’re stuffed toys that have been taken apart, reversed and then sewn back together, eyes and all. They look so sad that it makes me want to take them all in and love them!

And then there are these products from Ham. I honestly get such amusement from animals doing human like activities! I mean seriously, a pig mowing the grass? Imagine if you came home and actually found one doing that.

And lastly, stickers for your light switch? Hells yes! You can find them at Molly Meg’s cute online kids store.


Have you stumbled across anything cute online this weekend?

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