Sweet sound of silence

The sound of silence soothes my soul.

I like the TV to be off. I like driving without the radio. I like walking to the gym in the morning when it’s dark and quiet and the only thing I can hear are the footsteps of all the other people heading to the same place.

I like a distant hum of sound. Lawn movers at a house, two properties over. Cars swishing through puddles in the rain. People clicking away at their keyboards.

I don’t like it when people speak loudly. I don’t like it when my microwave, car and washing machine beep repetitively. They’re trying to tell me something with all their beeping. I wish they’d whisper instead.

This world we live in is a noisy place. But the silence, it’s so refreshing. And it makes me feel calm. Peaceful. Like there is snow inside my mind.


2 thoughts on “Sweet sound of silence

  1. our friendship must exist because of the adage ‘opposites attract’!

    however occasionally I’ll have moments like this (usually driving in silence) where I get sensory overload and need some peace to reset, but the only think I like doing in silence is exercising outdoors without music or talking, although thats mostly so I can (silently) talk to myself!

    great post though Neen, you’re words are beautifully strung together :)

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