Three great Sydney coffees

There’s just something about a morning coffee isn’t there? Nothing else has the same taste, nothing smells as good.

Surprisingly, so many baristas seem to get it wrong. All too often the coffee is weak, cold or burnt. Which generally means that when you find a great place, you stick to it.

I’ve had three perfect cups lately that really seem worth mentioning.

The first photo is my skim flat white from fouratefive which was bang on! When you walk into that cafe, the strong aroma of delicious beans is enough to get your heart started. Then, cue extreme happiness, as the strong, full bodied flavour starts to work its way through your blood stream. With a love heart at the top of my mug, it’s perfection in a cup. Fouratefive’s coffee is organic, it’s fair trade, it’s single origin. There’s nothing more you could want from the humble beans if you ask me.

When I tried Blackwatttle Bay Cafe a week or so ago, I somehow ended up with the wrong beverage. It was busy, the staff were flustered (and pretty haughty, truth be told) and there was much confusion amongst customers about whose coffee belonged to who. As I wandered down to the water to watch a few crews of rowers, I took my first sip. And almost died with delight. Never before had a skim flat white tasted so creamy. A few more sips and I realised that never before had a flat white tasted sweeter either. By the time I was done, I realised I was clearly drinking a full cream coffee with sugar. But with such a smooth finish, I’ll certainly be back to order the wrong coffee again.

The skim flat white at Gnome Espresso is also top notch. It ticks all the boxes –  strong (but without the bitter burnt coffee after taste that taints so many cups), rich, flavoursome and with such pretty feathering on top, you can tell it’s made with care.

Where have you had great coffee lately?