Things I’ve loved about January

What a great start to the year. I have a good feeling about 2012, don’t you? My favourite times from the past month are;

1)     Being on holidays for the first two weeks. Using this time to completely relax.

2)     Long walks. On the beach, around the Harbour, through my neighbourhood.

3)     Dinner at the Williams’ place & long cuddles with Harley

4)     Rekindling my friendship with my old pal, the cross trainer.

5)     Playing with Coops in the new park/water area at Darling Harbour.

6) Packing in quality time with these gorgeous friends before they move away. Realising that they are exactly the kind of parents we want to be one day.

7)     Reading (and eating) green eggs and ham.

8)     Roz’s gorgeous 1st birthday cake for Soph.

9)  Discovering Homeland, a new TV show to be obsessed with.

10)  Meeting Lyndall’s little man, Cohen. Knowing I’ve never felt happier about a friend having a baby.

11)  Long, newsy emails from Sheela that bring joy to my every day

12)  Seeing my cousin’s kids going crazy for my husband.

13)  Making Jamie’s oxtail stew with spinach dumplings. So excellent.

14)  Eating plenty of sichuan peppercorns.

15)  Spending lots of time in Surry Hills.

16)  Marvelling over the massive fish that Husband caught in New Caledonia.

17)  Slurping my way through a steaming bowl of udon noodles.

18)Vietnamese dinner club in Cabramatta. Melly thinking that Jay’s pho tasted like knitting.

What have you loved about your January?

13 thoughts on “Things I’ve loved about January

  1. What a lovely January indeed! You have such gorgeous babies about to cuddle, so lovely, & they look very well indeed on the husband!!

    I’m disturbed greatly by the green eggs, & humongous fish (larger than ‘normal’ animals have that affect on me!), but looks like he gave his muscles a work out with all that fishing, so nice effect of fishing for you ;)

    That cake is AMAZING, and I agree Homeland is addictive!!

    Glad it’s been a good month for you! It’s always a good one for me, so I’ve loved time with family & friends, & lovely birthdays this month ;)

    Hope February’s as kind to you!

    J xx

    1. Lol. I don’t think that green eggs can EVER look good. But I do love me some pesto so I push through :)

      And if it makes you feel better, the fishing is always sustainable so they release everything they catch….after they give the fishies a quick kiss of course!

  2. Ooh did u have pho? Some serious pho envy going on here! Well, not if it tasted like knitting (I just licked my knitting project to see what it might have tasted like!), but of the idea of pho in general! Miss Kelly looks absolutely stunning! I like the pretty markings on that fish. I want to make fun cakes like that spectacular one of sophie’s. Such cute kiddywinks surround you! I missed bout 20 min of homeland on Sunday cos of a phonecall so I thought I would catch the encore tonight, but my dad called (he arrived home tonight) and I missed the exact same part AGAIN!! And lastly, I’m thinking of shaving/clipping boo. What say you? Glad you have had a great kickoff to 2012. May the fabulous times continue! X

    1. Jay had pho but Melly, Ian and I made rice paper rolls with a duck salad and some other meat. Although we were a bit hopeless and the lady who owned the shop had to keep coming out to help us!

      As for clipping Boo, well, he’d certainly be cooler but he’d look so funny! Although it grows back quick so why not give it a go?

  3. Cooper is totally adorable! I love babies bellies!

    Now, the knitting taste was my brain to mouth disease where my brain works slower than my motor mouth & I cant clarify correctly! Yes, Im weird…

    But I love all your January things. I want you to take me to green eggs & ham cafe [delightful squeal]! Im so glad youre rekindling your love affair with the xtrainer, youre looking fabulous!

    A happy start to the year most definitely!

    1. I liked ur description! And I didn’t really lick my knitting! I was worried I might felt it in the process so I just inhaled deeply :)

  4. Coops is v.cute!

    I’m really enjoying Homeland as well! I’m sure there’ll be lots of twists and turns.

    I’m glad you had a great January. I wish I’d had more time off, though was still lucky to have the Xmas / New Year break!


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