In which large fish are caught

My honey just came back from a fishing trip to New Caledonia. He and his brother are really pretty awesome when it comes to the catching of fish. Check out this vid Pete put together.

The music is pretty hectic..

5 thoughts on “In which large fish are caught

  1. I saw it and it is crazytown! It looks like an extreme sport, not like something you do on a lazy summer’s day! I cannot leave without saying something really daggy: what is GT Popping? Is it like the name of their crew?! Extreme fishing by day; pop, locking & crumping by night?!

  2. Pete’s video creation made me laugh; he started off so dramatic & artistic and then went into heavy metal! Too funny!

    I cant wait to hear E’s stories tomorrow night!!! That giant trevally (“GT” Sheels) is amazing, and Im so happy they catch & release :)

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