Fouratefive three days in a row

When I was in Hawaii a few years ago, I discovered, and then proceeded to eat a stack of, pulled pork. I’m conscious that a number of my blog readers don’t eat pork and I apologise in advance for the next few paragraphs. But…..

…well. I love pork. Lamb and chicken I often struggle with. But pork (or swine, as Husband calls it) is hands down my favourite meat. So in Hawaii, when I realised that pulled pork is made by cooking on a low temperature for a loooong time resulting in tender porky perfection, I went on a bit of bender.  And then I came home and discovered that it had been added to Time Out’s list of new foods to try. Which was excellent because it meant that restaurants started serving it left right and centre.

And that’s why Fouratefive has been on my ‘cafes to frequent’ list for some time. Googles told me that they serve a pulled pork sandwich and bloggers everywhere continually talk it up.

When I visited Fouratefive a few weeks ago, it was a long time coming. I looked at the menu only long enough to check that the sandwich was still available and then I got straight to ordering.

But sure enough, as often happens when your expectations are high, I was slightly dissapointed. The Fouratefive pulled pork sandwich is served on organic sourdough with fresh cucumber, aioli, apple & tomato chutney & rocket. Sounds like a winning sambo combo in theory, however the rocket pretty much overpowered the flavour of everything else.  I think they needed a bit more meat and a few less greens.

The rest of their menu looked fantastic though, as did their window display of treats. Which was why the very next day when I happened to be back on Crown Street, I couldn’t resist sneaking back there for a rocky road meringue. Meringue in hand, I merrily skipped home to devour it. And it was certainly a winner. Cue happy, Neen. Plus the sweet dude who served me sneaked all the extra, broken bits from the other meringues into my bag. Cue major sugar high!

And so, when I decided I’d walk back to Crown Street again for breakfast the next day, it was easy to decide where to go. I’d sampled lunch and a snack from Fouratefive but what about breakfast?

Well I can tell you it was amazing. For bread, I choose the rye spelt but you can also have organic sourdough or soy & linseed. I also had scrambled eggs which were light and fluffy, haloumi that was cooked to perfection without a hint of rubberiness, as well as just the right amount of  smoked salmon. I’m only just getting comfortable with eating smoked salmon. I used to find the texture most unpleasant and sometimes too much of it on my plate freaks me out. But this was just right.

I think Fouratefive might just have become my Surry Hills cafe of choice. Sorry Bill.

Where can you find it? At 485 Crown Street of course! Visit

2 thoughts on “Fouratefive three days in a row

  1. I’ve wanted to try that cafe. I can’t remember if I have read about it or if you told me bout it, but it’s been in my head for a while now! I want to like pork (I’m a bacon & crackling convert as you know!), and im sure i eill try it sometime soon, but I think it’s a lifetime of being told I can’t eat it that stops me! I remember being really worried bout eating at friend’s houses as a kid cos I didn’t want to ask bout the food, nor tell them I “couldn’t” eat pork, shellfish etc and I knew my mum would get angry if I came home and told her I had eaten it! On a completely different note: I like tge way the salmon looks like a rose!

  2. Nice, thorough review. I’m veggie, but I liked reading abt the goodies and breads. I didn’t know sourdough could be made anywhere but San Francisco.

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