Neen’s week of whimsy – day four

Well here we are on day four. Today I’d like to smile about unicycles & penny farthings. They’re such ridiculous contraptions – the epitome of whimsy really.

Everything about them seems so unnatural. Humans were not designed to ride these suckers! But oh it does makes me laugh watching people on them.

It’s even funnier when animals have a go!

If I have a child, it will most certainly be forced to wear this onesie. And if I find a tshirt to match, I shall wear it for shiz!

Penny farthings look even MORE like a whimsical device when ridden by men in top hats!

And here’s a cute pic I have in our house. The height of this dude, his  skinny legs and the look on his face remind me of husband. I’m hoping that if E looks at this illustration for long enough, he’ll decide to buy a unicycle of his own. Nothing would be funnier to me than a 6.4ft male riding a penny farthing! Oh the hilarity! I would die a perpetually amused woman!

2- Bear on a bike from Jango Arts on Etsy
3- Unicycle onesy from Custom Kingdom on Etsy
4- Wikipedia
5 – My own pic. Print from Blanca Gomez on Etsy.

One thought on “Neen’s week of whimsy – day four

  1. Oh I do love a good pennyfarthing! And should husband decide to ride, PLEASE take a moving picture of the occasion!

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