Neen’s week of whimsy – day two

St Basils Cathedral in Moscow is certainly a site to behold. It’s colourful, whimsical and so vibrantly painted, it feels like it should belong in Disney Land.

I’d love to see this place in real life. All the swirls, stripes and intricate details would be sure to make me giddy!

The downside of this cathedral is that it wasn’t built for a nice reason. It was created as a monument to celebrate the attack and victory on the Mongols. Knowing this knocks a bit of the whimsy out of it for me.

But it certainly is one of a kind.

St Basil's in all its glory

There’s some  great shots of the cathedral but my personal favourite is a drawing done by Lisa Congdon – this hangs happily on the wall at my place bringing a bit of whimsy into our every day lives.

Lisa Condgon's detailed drawing

One thought on “Neen’s week of whimsy – day two

  1. I also dream of going to Russia….its the years of reading and obsessing over Paullina Simons’ Alexander & Tatiana…
    We must be on the same wavelength as I was thinking of Russian food earlier today!

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