Neen’s week of whimsy – day one

Back to work today, which, in a word, sucks.

After 23 days of spending time with my favourite people, spending time relaxing, spending time doing whatever I’ve wanted to, I’ve got quite used to living the fun life. But now it’s back to the grind. Ugh. Say it with me. Ugh!

So in an effort to try and find things that will make me smile, in this week of what will surely be filled with post holiday blues, I’m having a week of whimsy.

Kicking off this silliness, is the most crazy-town tea cosy I’ve seen lately. I’m quite partial to a tea cosy so when my Juanita served me tea from this whimsically cosied tea pot I couldn’t take my eyes off it. It was a Christmas gift from her Mumzy in law. And an appropriate gift too, given Juaneet’s love for tea AND licorice allsorts.

This cosy prompted me to look online for other Mad hatter-esque cosies. And I found these little beauties.

From Pinterest
From S for Snail
From Shall we knit?

Have a whimsical week peeps!

3 thoughts on “Neen’s week of whimsy – day one

  1. Bring on the whimsy! I love those cozies! Such clever (and deliciously eccentric) knitters out there! Have a good start to ur week. X

  2. LOVE THEM! Makes me want to have a bring-you’re-crazy-tea-cozy-party! Down with work! Up with tea! & fun & frivolity!

    I think, to give a little sparkle to your dreary days back at work, I shall charge you with a secret ops mission: to put a different little accessory on the work tea/coffee pot each day. Perhaps starting with a bow tie & hat? This challenge, if you should choose to accept, shall be for the remainder of your sorry week.

    I shall like to see pictorial evidence and top points for creativity!
    Tweet me if you accept this challenge! ;)

    Love Tomas xx

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