The semi regular

I love a semi regular – don’t you?

You know the one. The catch ups you have with particular friends that you only see every so often but when you do, it’s always great?

I have a few semi regulars with girls I used to work with but one in particular makes me very happy.

Danielle, Claire and I have been semi regular-ing for about 8 years now. We started back in 2003 when Claire got sick. Since we all lived close to each other, it was easy to pop in and check on her, bring food, etc. Luckily Clairey got better and luckier again, the catch ups have become a habit.

We’ve pretty much got a formula down pat. We rotate whose house we go to, we always do it on a week night and we always order take away so no-one has to rush home from work to cook.   When we’re at Danielle’s house we drink pop. When we’re at Claire’s house we drink cordial. When we’re at my house we drink water and sometimes tea if I’ve remembered to buy milk!

We talk until one of us is almost falling asleep. Usually Danielle or I.

Sometimes the catch ups feel like therapy. There can be lots of tears, but we always leave feeling on top of the world.

In the eight years we’ve been having these catch ups, we’ve gone through a lot together, us three. There’s been loved ones that have tragically passed away, boyfriends who have left, jobs that have caused stress and friends that have upset us. There’s also been wonderful new boyfriends, engagements, weddings, overseas trips. There’s been life. Big, juicy lives.

I think that in society now, we’re all drowning in so much rapid-fire, empty talk that when you have friendships that are filled with thoughtfulness and big talk, it feels refreshing. I love these girlies. I love our big conversations and our honesty. I know we’ll be semi regular-ing for a long time still to come.