Late fall

I love this cute illustration of ‘late fall’ done by Matte Stephens. It makes me think of E and I and the walks we like to take in the rain.

I’ve had it book marked for ages but when I went to buy it tonight, it seems to be sold out. Hopefully Matte creates another copy soon. We’ve decided to start collecting art that shows couples dancing in the rain :)

5 thoughts on “Late fall

  1. That’s what Ian said too Sheels. ‘Love it, but the cat isn’t really us’. I joked that I’d just cross it out before I frame it :)

    I emailed Matte and he responded straight away so this print is now on order :)

  2. You two are too cute, what a great collection idea! I hope I see you out for a walk in the rain one day…and you know where there’s plenty of that to be had…so better get on with planning your next trip down south!

    PS: Is he going to do it without the cat specially for you?! (Jxx)

    1. I didn’t even think to ask him if he could cross out the cat! Should realy have done that and added one extra dog :)

      I want to buy red Hunter gum boots like Miss First House on the Right and then come play in the Melbourne rain!

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