The playlist

Husband’s two favourite types of music are metal and classical. I like this about him. He really does have quite diverse tastes.

Unfortunately for me though, Metallica and piano concertos are both the kind of music that make me want to throw myself from the balcony or jump out of the car.

So we have play list of CDs that we both like and will listen to on long drives. The list is so familiar that if I close my eyes while we’re on the freeway, I know exactly where we are just based on which song we’re up to.

It goes a little something like this:

1) Odyssey number five by Powderfinger – the best album ever released if you ask me!

2) Nirvana unplugged in New York. We’ve both loved Nirvana since we were teenagers. Wish Kurt was still around.

3) Red Hot Chilli Peppers Greatest Hits. These songs remind us of when we were just getting to know each other :) And also of Gibbo and Jake, two guys we hung out with a lot at school.

4) Black Holes and Revelation, Muse. This album came out in 2006 but we only discovered it a couple of years ago and we loooove it!

5) The Resistance, Muse. My favourite song on this album is Uprising and I loved the So you think you can dance performance done to this song a few years back

6) (What’s The Story) Morning Glory, Oasis. This is the only Oasis album I’ve ever really liked. Wonderwall and Don’t look back in anger are my two favourites.

7) Dookie, Green Day. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of When I come around. It kind of takes me back to my teenage years spent hanging out with Roz :)

We also like to mix it up a bit with Crowded House and Smashing Pumpkins every now and again.

What are your favourite albums?

2 thoughts on “The playlist

  1. Ur truly brave to label an album ‘best ever!’ I really don’t think I could pick. Right now I am loving mindy gledhill, kina grannis, Imelda Mae, amongst others. But like u, I have favorites that always remind me of certain times in my life. imagine life without music…even if it was classical music! I should lend Ian my James Rhodes cd…it’s awesome!

  2. Im with Ian on the classical. We have even bred Harley into calmness through Classic FM (92.9 which we play all day on the radio for him when we’re at work)! But I cant agree with you on Muse. They have one song which I like (that one from Twilight, cant remember the name) but otherwise they make me want to slash my wrists.
    Our car playlist is really very diverse; at this very moment in the 6-stacker we have the following albums;
    1) James Taylor – October Road
    2) 2Pac – Greatest Hits
    3) Kimbra – Vows
    4) Debussy – Romantique
    5) Kayne West – College Dropout
    6) Soundtrack to The Lincoln Lawyer

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