Random musings

Four people this week have told me that there needs to be more posts on The Random Musings of Neen. Well bless your cotton socks peeps, flattery will get you everywhere!

Here’s a few random thoughts and things from lately.

– The Husband came to bed the other night eating a sesame snap. He claims that sesame snaps are one of his favourite things. I told him I don’t believe him. In all the time we’ve been together I’ve never heard him speak of  sesame snaps, let alone eat one. The Husband’s ‘favourite things’ change depending on what he happens to be eating or doing at any given time. He sat in bed crunching away, staring thoughtfully at the snap.  Then he mused “These would be easy to make. It’s just a whole bunch of sesame seeds glued (!!) together with honey. I could make these”. As soon as he fell asleep I snuck out of bed and hid the sesame seeds. Imagine the sticky disaster I’d come home to if husband started gluing seeds together with honey. My goodness.

– In other amusing Husband news, he got into trouble at work this week. Why? Because he set up test user accounts and called them testicle 1, 2, 3 & 4. I’m mortified. His online friends think he’s a hero.

– I have decided that the spoon is my favourite utensil. I like using them so much more than forks. Of late, I have also become quite partial to eating with my hands.  Not pasta or soup but vegetables, salad and chunky, easy to pick up kind of stuff.  Yes, this from the girl who used to find it offensive when people ate pizza with their hands.

– My sister went to a chicken auction the other day and her and David came home with two chickens. They named one called Elphaba and the other one Beezus. Elphaba was so named for her green tint. Sadly she has already passed away. And now Beezus is having some kind of sexual identity crisis and is cockadoodling like a  roster even though she’s a hen. Poor things, the both of them.

– I really, really want to have a pet pig. This is obviously not possible at the moment but have one at some point I shall. I’ll call him Salami. I’ll teach him tricks and he’ll play with Harley.

– I also want to have a rooster. One of the pretty ones that are brown with gorgeous green feathers.

– I am very in love with Paulo Coelho. Everything the man says or writes makes sense to me. I think he should run the world.

That’s all I’ve got for you today folks. Peace out.

3 thoughts on “Random musings

  1. Hil.ar.ious!

    In primary school I had a pet bantam chicken named Popples. He used to sit up on a branch and coo and our dog Buster, who was a Cocker Spaniel and single aim in life was to terrorise my chicken. He’d catch her and then drag her around the yard by her tail feathers. I can’t remember what happened to her.

    In high school I had a pet duck named, wait for it, Ducky. Ducky used to follow Buster who used to follow me up the road to school. Mr Allen used to come into Homeroom and tell me that my dog & duck were in the Quad. Luckily I’m not easily embarrassed!

    I might blog about my random pets. Ive had many.

    Salami & Harley will be life long friends Im sure!!!

    1. I love the name Popples for a chicken. Did you name it after those Popple toys that were around?

      I think it’s Hil.ar.ious that you were followed to school by a dog and a duck!

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