Happy 5th!

Yay for Friday the 14th of October – it marks the 5th year that Ian and I have been married.

Of course five years is only a third of the time that we’ve actually been together but the last five years have definitely been the best years of my life. One of my favourite bloggers wrote something a little while ago about how marriage isn’t easy. And for the first time in my history of reading her blog, I didn’t agree with her. For me, married life is blissfully easy and happy and I don’t let a day pass without giving thanks for that.

We celebrated our big 5 a day early with dinner at Quay last night. It was so fabulous that I almost considered asking Peter Gilmore to be my second husband!

If you want more Neen and E lovin’, you can read our story over at our good friend Mel’s blog.

Happy 5th Husband! You’re the best n00b sauce I know.

3 thoughts on “Happy 5th!

  1. Happy Anniversary Jacksons! Hope the snow-egg was amazballs & that your whole day was a big love-up!!!! (I cant wait to eat at Quay next week!) xox

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