The A to Z of me

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while because a few months ago I decided that an A to Z of me was kind of a fun idea. I’ve noticed in the last week though that this concept is actually a bit of an internet meme at the moment – but I had the idea first, I swear!

So here’s some randoms from me to you. It’s a been awhile, no?

Apples on an empty stomach make me feel really sick

Books and blogs are two of my favourite things in life

Coffee time is my favourite part of every morning

Dresses are my least favourite item of clothing

Editing is something I do a lot at work

Finlay is the name I’m going to call my Son one day. Don’t steal it!

Golf, in my opinion, is the world’s most boring sport

Holidays are something I really wish I had to look forward to right now

Ian is the best thing about my life

J is naturally my favourite letter in the alphabet

Knick knacks are things I really don’t like having around my place

Laughter is the sound I love most in the world

Magical Mr. Mistoffelees is a song from Cats that often gets stuck in my head!

Noob is my favourite word. Ever.

Observant is something I’d like to think I am

Pump classes are making me feel really energised and strong right now

Quirks are my favourite things to discover about people

Ranunculus are my favourite flower

Spring cleaning and furniture shopping is what Ian and I will be doing this long weekend

Tiramisu is my favourite dessert. I’m also a fan of citrus tarts.

Umbrellas aren’t something I care much about using. I like to get wet now and again.

Volunteering is something I don’t  have time for. I like to give money instead

Work is consuming my life right now

Xian is one of the best cities I’ve ever been to

Yabby fishing is something Ian’s family introduced me to and I love it!

Zebras and giraffes always make me think about what a great artist God is.