Bookmarks of cuteness

Some people talk about how socks strangely disappear in their homes. Two go into the wash, only one comes out.

At the Jackson residence, it’s book marks that we lose on a regular basis. I am convinced that Ian is responsible for this as he regularly ‘borrows’ my book marks and then never gives them back. I’m hoping that one day when we move out of our flat, that a huge pile, lost over the years will suddenly turn up.

The book mark below is one I’ve been deliberately hiding from E when I’m in between books. This one is too cute to go missing! Leigh & David bought it for me in Tibet (or possibly Nepal) and every time I look at it I feel happy. Those cute little feets, sticking out my book – it’s just too adorable!

 I also really love the look of this bookmark which I saw on pinty.

I guess we could just dog ear our books and not have this problem….but I could just never bring myself to do it. It feels like such a mean thing to do to a book, don’t you think?

One thought on “Bookmarks of cuteness

  1. Too funny that u have to hide ur bookmark! And a very cute bookmark it is :) most of my bookmarks growing up seemed to have pictures of lab or golden puppies on them.

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