Life right now

I’m laughing at:
1) This photo that Gavin posted on my facebook wall. I’m a tart!

2) Sheela’s facebook status from the other day:
“Sheela feels like she is living in wartime Russia…her housemate is using the slats from her bed as kindling!”

I’m looking forward to:
1) The last weekend in July when Donna, Ella, Sheela and Kylie come to stay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can barely think about anything else!
2) Going to The Dip for dinner club on Thursday.

I’m craving:
1) Risotto.
2) Sicilian green olives.

I’m annoyed by:
1) An irrational reaction I had to something this weekend.
2) Noisy people on the train.

I’m hoping for:
1)  Safe travels for my sister and her family.
2) A stress free work week.