My anniversary with Pyrmont

Ten years ago today, I moved into my flat in Pyrmont. I’m still here and I’m still loving it.

In my ten years, I’ve had live with me;

– A friend that turned out to be not such a friend

– Andrew, who, before he moved in, I only vaguely remembered as being the guy from stats classes who actually knew all the answers.

On the first night he lived with me, he tried to steam whole carrots. I was slightly concerned, but he never displayed any further strange behaviour.

He now lives with and dates my bestie.

-Miss Raph, whose full name I could never pronounce, who  had a crush on the boy at the corner store and whose entire diet consisted of tuna, beans, corn and Lebanese bread pizzas.

Miss Raph and I would force ourselves to clean up at least five things each before we went to bed every night. We also used sign language to communicate when we were going to have showers.

I cried the day she moved out, even though my husband to be was moving in.

– Husband.
My favourite flat mate of all. He moved in with me a week before we got married and I’ve loved every minute of living with him. Well, except for the five freezing minutes I spent having a cold shower last night because he’d used up all the hot water.


To celebrate my ten years in Pyrmont, the lady at the corner shop made me cabbage rolls for dinner. Loveliness in the heart of the City! Yep, Pyrmont is a great place to live.

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