Diary sharing

I’ve never really been a diary keeper. Maybe back when I was younger, but as an adult, I don’t document my days in anyway (unless I’m overseas).

But this year, Sheels and I decided to do a diary swap. Each day we write a line, or a paragraph, sometimes a page about our day. Sometimes it’s about what we did or who we saw or what we cooked. Sometimes it’s just thoughts about random things or quotes we like.

Whenever we see each other, we swap diaries and then continue our writing in the other person’s book.

I love diary swap days. There is of course the joy and soul filling experience of seeing the Sheelster herself. And then after we go our separate ways it’s always fun to read about what she’s been up to.

We had lunch on Thursday and I spent the whole afternoon waiting with eager anticipation for my train ride home so that I could read the book. I should have learnt by now that it’s best to get home and read Sheela’s diary in private. The girl is so damn funny that I have spent more than one train trip this year laughing so much that people have turned around to look at me.

While what is written in diaries should really never be shared, there was one story involving a roach that I just had to read to Ian that night. I was laughing so hard the bed was shaking and I feared I might wet it!

The Sheelster’s diary is my book of the year.

And it’s knowing the minutiae of someone’s daily life that keeps you close, don’t you think?