Date nights and docos

A documentary + a dinner + my husband = the perfect date night! We’ve seen a couple of great films lately and Ian’s been demanding that I blog about them.

Date one:
A couple of months ago we went to see Oceans. And oh did we love it.

I feel like ‘epic’ is the world’s most overused word at the moment. However I’m not sure that there’s a more fitting word to describe this movie. Everything about it is epic.

The film makers went on 75 diving expeditions in 50 locations around the world and captured footage of 80 species of fish, dolphins, whales, squid, lizards, crab and turtles. I was fascinated by both the creatures being filmed and also the way they were being filmed. How the cameras travelled so fast, following every moment of the schools of fish, sharks and whales I do not know!

The creatures were fabulous to watch and really quite humorous. I’m so accustomed to watching animated films that at some points I almost expected them to start talking, singing or dancing! As well as all the beautiful sea creatures, there’s also a whole lot of unattractive looking little fellas down there! I’m convinced God used the ocean as his own personal art class.

There’s sea lions snoozing on rocks, baby turtles that try to make it into the sea before getting snapped up by evil birds and also one sad scene where you see sharks having their fins ripped off.

The score is beautiful and fits perfectly with the footage, as does Pierce Brosnan’s narration.

I also really liked the way the film had something to say about the way we treat our environment. It wasn’t done in a preachy way but rather by spending an hour showing you how beautiful the ocean can be, juxtaposed with ten minutes showing how awful it can become when humans don’t take care of it.

After the film was over, Ian and I wandered up Military Road trying to find sustenance that didn’t come from the ocean. We ended up down a side street at Firefly where we shared some delicious tapas. It was the perfect end to the evening.

While it was too dark inside to take photos of the food, I can certainly recommend the dishes we had – zucchini fries, mini hotdogs, pork belly and beef cheeks. I love restaurants with share plates and would love to go back here! There’s one at The Rocks too.

Date two:
While technically not a documentary, Mad Bastards felt like one to me. From some of the reading I’ve done online it sounds like a lot of other people felt like that too.

There are no actors in the film. The characters all play themselves and I love that concept.

The film is about the violence and alcohol fuelled dysfunction in some Indigenous communities in the Kimberleys.

The story centres around a young boy named Bullet who is on his way to spending time in jail because of an arson offence. At the same time, his Dad is heading back into town to try and rekindle a relationship with him and his Mum. Both of them need it – his Mother hosts parties that end in ugly fights with her more often than not, the victim.

Sadly, just after the film launched, this same lady ended up being sentenced to three years in jail after killing her husband during one of his drunken, violent attacks on her.

The thing I loved about this move is that despite a sad, bad start to life it ends with a positive hint that Bullet’s life is going to get better and that his parents have made improvements in their own life.

There’s a bunch of funny characters that help lighten what’s otherwise a pretty serious film and the movie is also punctuated with upbeat music performed by Alex Lloyd. I loved that element of it.

Before the movie, we’d bought burgers to munch on from Charlie & Co. But we were so captivated from the very beginning that we ended up taking the food home for laters.


I recommend both films!

While I’m writing about movies, I should also mention Incendies, which Alissa and I saw last week. It was nominated for Best Foreign Film at the Academy awards and I really don’t know how it didn’t win.

It’s good that we had a big catch up over Thai (the Fat Monk in Cremorne is so good by the way) beforehand. Because when I walked out of that film, I was practically mute. When I got home a bit later, I could still barely speak (highly unusual for me I know). Even the next day I was still trying to process what I had seen.

There’s no way to describe this film or explain what happens. All I can say is that the human spirit never ceases to amaze me. The adversity that some people in experience in their lifetime puts the things I worry about to shame.

See it!


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