Weekend foodage

Oh me oh my, hasn’t it been chilly this weekend? We’ve stayed snuggled up indoors as much as possible, heading out only for supplies.

Last night it was finally cold enough to make the pork neck, snake bean and peppercorn curry that I’d seen in the January edition of Gourmet Traveller. It was spicy hot – like a little bowl of fire and it absolutely hit the spot.

We’ve drunk more cups of tea over the last couple of days than we’ve ever drunk in our life. Along with a freshly brewed pot, this afternoon we also enjoyed a lovely orange and almond cake that I made from my Food Safari book. You can find the recipe here.

Don’t you love my tea cosy? Amber, Sheela and I each bought ourselves a cosy from the tea pot festival in Morpeth last year. The other girls laughed at us and told us we were like old ladies. Leigh has also made fun. But I know they were all just jealous. Mum had to perform surgery to mine so it could actually fit on my tea pot.

I’m off to bedfordshire now. Think I’ll take the laptop to keep my fingers warm!

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