Precious, pretty, perfect porcelain

I do so love alliteration. And even more than I love alliteration, I love beautiful porcelain. Not the old school, porcelain doll kinda porcelain, but the pretty, whimsical art by the likes of Helen Beard and Samantha Robinson.

I simply had to reblog, Helen Beard’s work that I first saw on First House on the Right a few weeks ago. I’ve been looking at Helen’s website almost every day since. She illustrates onto her own hand thrown pots and the results are just delightful.



I first discovered Samantha Robinson when I visited a few of the Husk stores in Melbourne earlier in the year. Her watermelon bowl caught my eye and I’ve admired her ever since. She distributes through two of her own Sydney based stores and has recently been picked up by Anthropologie.












At the Eveligh Artisan Markets, I was also impressed by ceramicist Keiko Matsui. Her work is less detailed, more structured but no less striking. Leigh’s friend, Kim was with us as we were oooh and aahing. And as she’d experimented with this kind of work before, she explained just how hard it is to make teapots and jugs on a kiln. When she explained the process, I appreciated even more, the time that must have gone into Keiko’s work.

I really love the blue vase with a dent in it. I like things with flaws.




And lastly, don’t you just love the ideas of the four seasons mugs produced by Bailey Does Not Bark? Wouldn’t it be nice as the seasons change to swap the cup you drink from?

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