List sixteen: Reasons I don’t want to make a list today

I’m not in the mood for blogging today because:

–  I spent the entire day walking around the Zoo, carrying Elliot up most of the hills. Can you say buggered?

– I’ve already done 15 lists this month and am feeling bored with myself. Whose idea was this anyway?

–  I still have a whole bunch of washing and packing and general tidy up stuff to do before heading off on holiday tomorrow.

–  We have to leave our house at 4.45am tomorrow morning to get to the airport so I want to go to bed early. Looking slightly impossible given tasks to complete mentioned above.

– I can’t think of what to make a list about. Suggestions anyone?

– I’m cold. I know that doesn’t have anything to do with anything. But I am.

– I  feel like reading other people’s blogs rather than writing my own.

So there.


3 thoughts on “List sixteen: Reasons I don’t want to make a list today

  1. hang in there Neen – I’m loving the lists!
    they’ll be heaps of inspirations to ‘list’ about when you’re up galavanting around the Daintree!

  2. Suggestions!

    – A list of your to-be-read pile (it must be massive) and why you are interested, or excited, or not, when thinking about getting into those pages…
    – A list of all the fabulous features that your perfect dream home of the future will have. We can all daydream along with that one!
    – A list of pointers for being organised and getting rid of unnecessary stuff around the house. Being awesome at this is one of your (many) skills and some of us, ahem, can always do with tips!
    – A list of your technology embracing ways :)
    – A list of things you thought you would never ever do and yet have. All the nuh uh, no way, never ever stuff… What changed? Is blogging one? Who knows? I don’t actually have anything specific in mind as i type this…. (really)
    – A list of songs or aromas that ‘take you back’…

    I feel a teeny bit responsible for the lists (“yeah! that sounds great, go for it”) so I hope the above helps :)

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