List nine: My favourite beverages

I was thinking today that I don’t really drink a big variety of drinks. I mean, this is what you do on holidays, isn’t it? Ponder the important things in life.

I mentally started making a list of things I like to drink realised it’s a pretty short list. I like:

– Tap water
– Coffee
– Fruity cocktails
– Pinot Gris
– Pinot Griggo
– Pinot Noir
– Lemon, lime & bitters
– Ginger beer

And that’s kind of it. Do other people have longer lists than this? Am I boring?  I used to be a big herbal tea drinker but I’m kinda over that now. I do like the odd milk shake but not really enough to list it. A list of 8 things just seems pretty poxy.

I suppose really the thing I should find most concerning is that half of the list consists of alcohol!

4 thoughts on “List nine: My favourite beverages

  1. Not poxy at all! Here r the drinks I can think of that I love: lemon juice, lemon iced tea, lemon honey ginger (not just when I’m sick!), ginger beer (the one that leaves ur throat all raspy it is so strong!), diet coke (must stop this one), tea, coffee, hot chocolate, grape juice, grapefruit juice, fruity cocktails, g&t, sparkling wines, milk (plain, not flavoured). And that’s all I can think of for now. These r drinks I bur or order on a regular basis :) I would like to find some reds that I like. Daytrip to the Hunter?! X

    1. Sheels your list is double the length of mine! I need to get me some more favourites! I do love anything grapey. Oh wow, you’ve given me a serious craving for grape juice!

  2. Lol i’m amused that you view the various alcoholic drinks as unique bullet-pointed individual beverages :) No concerns regarding the ratio of tipple to non-tipple as you seem to be going impressively well with your 1 drink resolution (out with me at least!!) I’ve just brewed up a pot of T2’s Melbourne Breakfast tea blend described as “a deep and warming tea with a hint of sweetness reminiscent of Melbourne. Full bodied with a touch of vanilla”, poured black (but not too strong) – and i think you’d like it! The vanilla is subtle, not overbearing *phew* Yesterday was Brisbane Breakfast, also tres delicious:

    1. Ironically Jean-Louise came home today with a whole bunch of herbal tea. And I feel like I’m straight back into it!

      I was actually just going to write ‘wine’ but it made the list even shorter!

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