Cleptopenia and other urban phrases

I’m an Urban Dictionary subscriber and I love the word or phrase they send me each day. Along with the next day’s weather report, I usually read them to Ian in bed each night.

A few of my favourites are:

Cleptopenia –  The unconscious theft of pens. Also known as Cleptopenamania.
The person who steals pens from the grocery store, bank, or post office must have cleptopenia (Klep-toe-pen-ee-uh).

Spoiler alert- term to describe when crucial elements of a movie, TV show or book are about to be revealed, like the ending, character deaths, a twist, etc.Example – Spoiler alert! The girl in million dollar baby dies.

Screen saver – the blank expression that comes across a persons face when day dreaming.
Example – “Dude, check out Dave day dreaming. He looks miles away.
“Yeah mate I know, he has his screensaver on”.

Backseat browsing – Anyone who sits behind a someone who is browsing the internet while continuously instructing them on what to click on or what to type into the address/search bar. Most appropriately applied when the advice or commands are unsolicited and/or unwarranted.

Friend high – The pleasant ‘high’ feeling one acquires around close friends, often compared to being on some sort of drug. Accompanied by lots of laughing, stupidity, excitement, good conversation, and loud obnoxiousness, ie the act of getting “high” off another’s good friendship vibes.

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