RIP Borders

Oh Borders. It was hard saying good bye today. We’ve been good friends for so long and I’m not sure how I’ll survive without you. I barely remember what my book shelf looked like before you came along.

Forgive me for not staying long today. But I just don’t want to remember you the way you are now. Your shelves so bare. Discount stickers where staff recommendations used to be.

What happened, Borders? Where did it go wrong? Is it Westfield’s fault? I’m sure it must be in some way for they are evil, greedy, corporate giants that probably charged you far too much rent. I shall continue on avoiding them as much as possible, in memory of you.

Was it me, Borders? Was it those (many) purchases I made through Book Depository? If it was, then I shall live with the regret that I was a bad friend. I didn’t support you when you needed it most. I wasn’t there for you, the way you have always been there for me.

You must have better friends than I in the Eastern Suburbs, for Bondi seems to be the only place in NSW that you will remain.

I bought one of your branded bags today, Borders. I wanted something to remember you by. And remember you I shall. And when I visit that wonderful state of Victoria, there is now just one more old friend I can look forward to visiting.


7 thoughts on “RIP Borders

  1. I must be pms-ing cos I’m about to cry! Has the parra store closed? I thought I still had a few weeks to grieve (and pick over the carcas that is now most borders stores). Sad :(

  2. It’s ok Sheels, they’re still open for another few weeks. There’s just nothing in them! However you should still try and visit – I saw a Twilight Manual today that I think your sister would love for Christmas!!

    1. Oh nice one! I think she would love that :) I wonder if they have sold everything or if they have sent it off to the Victorian borders.

      1. I’m thinking their sending stuff to Vic. Because most of the good stuff was literally getting packed up the staff. Where else could all those boxes be going? Must of the stock still out on display was pretty rubbish.

  3. you & Tam are the only people I personally know that will miss Borders.
    Personally, I thought they were way too expensive and I don’t care that they’re gone! I always try and support Dymocks, because they’re Australian!!!

    1. Borders is Australian. When America had their GFC they sold it off to Angus and Robertson. Poor A&R, Borders were probably the thing that led to their failure too!

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