Cheeseburger soup

I used to be a huge fan of food blogger, Not Quite Nigella.

For a long time, I’d read every single post she’d write. I wanted to eat at almost every restaurant she reviewed and I wanted to cook or bake almost everything that she cooked or baked.

After awhile though, I started to get bit bored with her. She follows a certain blog formula that I guess most people find consistent, but that I find a bit dull. I deleted her from my Reader and I have to say that I haven’t missed her.

Today though, I decided it was time to revisit a recipe that she posted earlier in the year. I’d wanted to make it for awhile.

Cheeseburger soup!

I’ve mentioned to a few people over the last couple of months that I wanted to make this soup. As no one displayed any form of enthusiasm for trying it, I was forced to test it out on husband today. 

Although we all know that Ian loves interesting concoctions, I didn’t tell him what I was making until I was serving it –  just in case he decided it was going to be too random, even for him.  

NQN’s version looked like this:

Mine on the other hand, looked like this:

It tasted delicious but I simply could not get it to look visually appealing.  The tomato and lettuce just kept sinking into the soup! I’m really not sure how she got hers to stay afloat.

It’s basically cheese soup with mince dolloped on top and then tomato and lettuce placed to each side. It kind of tasted like a creamier version of potato soup. I’ve never used Beerenberg products before but this recipe called for their hamburger relish and it’s delish! Apparently the jolly TV chef, Huey is the spokesperson for their brand.

Now, given how hideously unhealthy this soup is, it’s probably not something I’d make again in a hurry. But it was definitely a hit with the husband. He even forwarded the recipe on to all his geeky online friends. Success!

RIP Borders

Oh Borders. It was hard saying good bye today. We’ve been good friends for so long and I’m not sure how I’ll survive without you. I barely remember what my book shelf looked like before you came along.

Forgive me for not staying long today. But I just don’t want to remember you the way you are now. Your shelves so bare. Discount stickers where staff recommendations used to be.

What happened, Borders? Where did it go wrong? Is it Westfield’s fault? I’m sure it must be in some way for they are evil, greedy, corporate giants that probably charged you far too much rent. I shall continue on avoiding them as much as possible, in memory of you.

Was it me, Borders? Was it those (many) purchases I made through Book Depository? If it was, then I shall live with the regret that I was a bad friend. I didn’t support you when you needed it most. I wasn’t there for you, the way you have always been there for me.

You must have better friends than I in the Eastern Suburbs, for Bondi seems to be the only place in NSW that you will remain.

I bought one of your branded bags today, Borders. I wanted something to remember you by. And remember you I shall. And when I visit that wonderful state of Victoria, there is now just one more old friend I can look forward to visiting.