Meet Hoot

I’ve wanted to make a softie toy for about a year now. My fondness for them developed when the lovely Leigh and I were in Berry last year. We saw softies in just about every shop and I cockily thought ‘they look SOO easy’.

For months and months I’ve been accumulating pictures but have done very little about actually getting on and making one.

However my friend Monique recently had a baby boy and as she’s a fellow owl lover, I vowed that I would make a Craft Schmaft owl for little Talis. There’s nothing like the fear of a broken promise to get you sewing, I say.

So please let me introduce Hoot, my first ever softie.



I realise now that making these little dudes is not actually as easy as I first thought. For the first hour or so, I was professing that ‘stiching is so cathartic’ which quickly turned into ‘stiching is such a bitch’. I definetly need some practice!

After spending so much time with little Hoot, I was sad at the thought of parting with him. So my Mum, bless her cotton socks, made me a cute card to remember him by.