A munchkin update is well overdue. Four of my precious peoples have had babies in the past few months and they are all  highly adorable and squishy.

First  up, may I introduce Sophie Cameron.

Sophie is my cousin Roslyn’s baby and was born in late January. She is SERIOUSLY pretty! She has beautiful, BIG, blue eyes and loooong eyelashes – which you’ll have to take my word for as I don’t have any pics of her with her eyes open.

I love how her lips are the same M shape as her Mummys. She’s teensy, tiny and suits being called Sophie. I’m glad Roz and Chris stole my name for her :)

Doesn’t Roz look cute in this picture too?


Millicent G was born in early Feb and this photo of her and her big sister Mabel makes me smile. I like how if you look closely you can see one of Juanita’s feet and one of Tim’s feet.  It’s like we’re observing a beautiful moment where their little family was enjoying some precious time hanging out on the floor together.

As an aside, I have to say that Ian and I think Mabel is a rock star. At the ripe old age of 13 months she eats pasta with sundried tomatoes as well as curry. Ian’s also convinced that she is an old soul who’s been on this earth before. And Mabel and Milly sounds like an awesome brand name! 

Munchkin  number three is Miss Ella, who was born in late February. I am dying to meet her! Only three more days until I do!

I remember the weekend before Donna found out she was pregnant. We went on a scenic train ride in Dayelsford and were oohing and ahhing at some cute little girls sitting near us. Little did we know that Miss Ella was there with us too!

And of course, Ella is already wearing vintage. I’d expect nothing less. This was one of Donna’s dressed when she was a baby!


And Munchkin number four is Talis, my friend Monique’s baby. I haven’t met him yet either. But can I just say that you know it’s time to fire the stylist when you look that good after labour! Insane!


Munchkins, munchkins, everywhere!

2 thoughts on “Munchkins!

  1. oooh say congrats to Monique for me (love that she’s still rockin that short hair!) her & her baby look gorgeous! and Juanita’s little girlies look adorable too!
    You can definitely see the family resemblance in your cuzzie Roz! their little family is beautiful. And of course your bestie’s baby is a cute little vintage doll. how sweet!

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