Fringe love

I need to talk about Fringe.

I need to talk about it because even though it’s been out for two and a half years, I am a recent convert.

And can I just say – I am now FREAKING obsessed with this show.

Two of our favourite couples had been recommending it for awhile. But to be honest, the idea of fringe science has never interested me. It was only when Mel eventually used the magic words ‘Joshua Jackson’ that I was sold.

A few weeks ago, Ian and I watched a couple of episodes. We kind of liked it but were sceptical that it would become a favourite. But then last weekend we devoted some time to getting through more episodes and now we are addicted.  We are literally using every spare minute to watch it. And when we aren’t watching it, we are googling every possible thing about it.

It’s consuming my thoughts like no show ever has. It’s unlike any book I’ve read or any movie I’ve watched. I’ve been dreaming about it. I’ve not wanted to catch up with friends or go to work because I want to be home ploughing my way through season two.

Who ever would have thought I’d love sci fi? Not me.

So, for anyone who doesn’t watch it, the basic premise is that there’s a ‘Fringe Division’ within the FBI. The three main characters are Olivia Dunham, Doctor Walter Bishop – a mad scientist with an IQ of 196 and his son Peter Bishop (with whom I am madly in love).

The team are based in Boston and they use fringe science to investigate a series of unexplainable occurrences which are related to a parallel universe. Their work, in the first season at least, keeps intersecting with advanced biotechnology that’s been developed by a company called Massive Dynamic. Their team is also watched by a bald, pale faced man who is referred to as an ‘observer’. We haven’t figured out what he’s up to yet.

All of the cases the team work on form ‘the pattern’, most of which seem to have been orchestrated by a bioterrorist organisation called ZFT.

And even though I know the show is fictional, I’m now a big believer in fringe science and I can’t stop thinking about what could be happening out there that we don’t know about. Transhumans with psychic abilities? Teleportation? Well, why not?

Here’s what else I think:

  • Fox better be planning to make a fourth season or I’ll have to personally fund it myself
  • If Olivia can run around catching bad guys with her hair looking so perfect, then I need to try harder with mine!
  • You know you’ve watched too much Fringe when:

A) Your sister gives you a beautiful bunch of sunflowers but before they start to open you feel totally freaked out that they’re going to turn into strange mutants

B) You start eyeing your succulent plants suspiciously. They suddenly seem kinda creepy.

C) You see a feather move on the foot path and worry that it’s some weird bug that will swallow you whole and send you to another universe.

As for Joshua Jackson. Oh maaann. That boy is hot. I’ve always loved him! And as Jay said the another night, his character is kind of like Pacey, all grown up. Except that apparently in real life, he hates being referred to as Pacey.

Seriously. He has every trait I love in a boy. He’s tall, not too skinny, quick witted, sweet, scruffy, and he uses just the right level of sarcasm. Plus he can wear coats like it’s nobody’s business.

Because I’m nothing if not shallow, I will openly admit that if he doesn’t get his shirt off in this next season, I will be sorely disappointed!

So to end this post, here, for your viewing pleasure are some Joshua Jackson shots. Ok, who am I kidding, they’re for my viewing pleasure.

If he became my second husband, I wouldn’t even have to change my last name!

5 thoughts on “Fringe love

  1. So until I got to the last word of the third sentence I thought I was going to start seeing u walk around in leather jackets with long fringes hanging off the sleeves – seriously!

    Will have to check out the show :) And neen, u already have one Jackson…leave some for the rest of us!! Mmm…pacey… I mean Joshua!

  2. ahhhhh….I am breathing a sigh of relief! you’re almost to the point where I can talk to you about it! I also like the fact that he’s with Diane Kruger; she’s definitely worthy to have him. looooove that pic of him & the coffee cup…I can imagine him handing it out to me in the morning!

  3. Back off Williams! That coffee is for me!

    And Sheels, you could have had the Jackson on the plane but you didn’t make a move….so therefore I think you need to forfeit all future Jacksons that come your way.

    Tomas – when were you next to him and did you jump him ;)

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