And the award goes to…

In high school, I had a friend who was obsessed with award season. OB-sessed! Every year, we’d be invited over and forced to watch each award show from start to finish. I hated it. I would always be falling asleep from boredom and desperately wanting it all to be over. I have no idea why I’d go back year after year. I think I was bullied into it.

These days, I have a small level of interest in who wins awards and who wears what on the red carpet. Thank goodness for Mr Google though, for another award show, this girl will not watch. Childhood trauma and all.

I was thinking about who I’d pick if I was handing out awards for leading roles in my own life. And so in honour of it being Academy Awards week, I’ll give out two of my own awards day.

And the Oscar for best leading man goes to: Well it’s Ian of course. It has to be. Mr Jackson is the best leading man because he makes me laugh every day. Which I guess means he should also win the ‘Leading man in a comedy role’ award too. E reaches things high up in cupboards that I cannot reach. He gets up to get me water when I am comfortable in bed but start to feel thirsty. He finds apps and widgets for my phone that he thinks I’ll like. He reads me a paragraph of his book every night, usually in a funny voice. He puts up with my weather obsession and listens to my daily updates on humidity levels and atmospheric pressure. He is also super affectionate and calls me a random assortment of endearing names. Plus, if your husband doesn’t have the Leading Man award in the bag, well, you’ve got troubles.

And the Oscar for best leading lady goes to: My sister. She rocks. And she would also win the ‘Leading lady in a comedy role’ for she is the funniest girl in the entire world.

Leigh is thoughtful (a rare quality) and caring and has really good values. She is a warm, welcoming, positive person. She is generous, and although it sounds naff, she is extremely wise. Leigh buys me tissues when I have a cold. She makes a fuss of me on my birthday. She always makes delicious food with fresh, sustainable ingredients. She looks cute in hats. She is the master (or mistress) of time management. How she manages to be the head of her English and History department, while studying for her masters, looking after three children and managing a big vegetable garden, I do not know. She reads about 40 books a year, travels overseas more than anyone I know and packs lighter than anyone I know. She’s also super pretty. I loveth the Leigheth.

Sometimes I hear about things other people’s sisters do to them. And I always think to myself, Leigh would never do/say/be like that. I’m lucky. Oh yes.

And with that, the award season is over for 2011.

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