Around the net I go

 One of my favourite places to spend a Saturday night is on the internet. It’s truly one of the most beautiful places in the world, is it not? This happy Saturday night, I’ve visited two delightful sites including:
Tomas and Jones, the blog of my adopted cousin and her gorgeous best friend. I can’t reveal their real names but I can reveal that these two are currently running a giveaway that you should check out NOW. In honour of opening their first etsy shop, the ladies are giving away one of their girls in a hoop. Tres cute!
Tomas & Jones sits in the favourites folder of my google reader because it’s one I like to read as soon as it is written. Check out their delightful post on a retro picnic where the girls wear yellow and look like the sunshine. There’s also a manekin pis necklace made from shrinkey paper that I hope they start to sell in their shop very  soon. You’ll also find posts on all the good things in life – stationery, quotes, tea cups and books. Oh! And there is also a very good review of Outpost Cafe that led to my sister and I having a dee-licious breakfast when we sojourned to Melbourne in January.
Up for grabs at Tomas & Jones
Hungry Girlis one of those blogs I stumbled across at some point and now can’t remember how or why. But oh I heart this Hungry Girl so. I knew it was love when she described herself as being someone that makes up voices for her dogs! The photography is amazing! And the baking makes me want to get off the internet and get into the kitchen. If only she’d post the recipes. Sighs.

She made this cake for her Mum. I wish I was her Mum!

Be sure to check out her wedding snaps – anyone that wears red shoes and polish on her wedding day rocks in my eyes.

Rocking the red shoes!

Also this evening while in happy internet land I found this gorgeous nail polish which I simply have to find. I don’t need it and it probably won’t suit my skin colour but I have to have it.

2 thoughts on “Around the net I go

  1. We *heart* u adopted cousin!!

    We LOVE having you come visit us on a Saturday night (or any night indeed!).

    THANK YOU for such a lovely feature of our little place ;)

    Can’t wait to catch up for real when you are down soon upon the happy occasion of cousin’s family expansion extravaganza!!


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