Loves and disloves

I’m loving:

– week day sleep overs at Kylie and Sheela’s place (even if they did let me leave for work with my cardi inside out!)

– google reader (and the 95 blogs I have in it!)

– messy hair (my only option, but still)

– glittery nail polish (on other people)

– Opalin (Ian’s world of war craft character who is a ferocious, purple cat that jumps around a lot)

– a marriage proposal on Q&A (go Sheela’s cousin!)

– overusing brackets (they rock)

– teeth turned blue from too many M &Ms

– Joshua Jackson. Oh Pacey. I suspect that I have in me a whole separate blog about you

– mustard coloured shoes

– Serendipity’s lamington icecream. As Sheels would say – Yummikins!

– discovering that random people have signed up to my blog. Hello random people! You maketh my days.

I’m disloving:

– chicken. Given that they don’t serve any obvious purpose in the ecosystem, can they please be made extinct so that I never have to see one or see someone else eating one ever again

– food poisoning (thanks to the dodgyness of a certain bird listed above)

-the water chiller thing at work. It sometimes needs to be flipped forward to dispense water and it sometimes needs to be flipped backwards to dispense water. Get your shit together water chiller thing

– people who burn toast at work and force us to evacuate via 28 flights of stairs

– the fact that I do not have a hermit crab like my nephew Drew does.  

Mustard shoes and glittery nails – lovely!

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