Another cute Ianism is something he does that he’s not even conscious of.

While watching TV or reading, Mr Jackson always needs to be twisting a piece of paper or flipping a coin or button in one hand. Sometimes when I’m drifting of to sleep while he’s still reading, I hear the sound of the blinds moving and it’s comforting. I know it’s because Ian’s twisting their cord through his fingers.

But something not as cute is how much trouble I get into when I forget to refill the ice cube tray or put the cold water back into the fridge. And this week, because it’s been so hot, I’ve been in trouble an awful lot.

Ian seems to think that some day I’ll learn. But I lived with Raph for almost as long as I have lived with husband. And she never managed to get me to put the water back in the fridge either.  I don’t think there’s hope for cold drinks in our house really. Lucky the tap water in Sydney is such stellar quality.

2 thoughts on “Husband

  1. Aaw, poor neenalah! But being a girl who loves her ice, I’m on ians side! Maybe if u remember the ice thing then the uncold water won’t be so bad! This past week I have had a full ice production going, as well as bottles if both refrigerated AND frozen water! Maybe Ian should get a bottle that is just his!

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