Things making me laugh today

 1) Something I can imagine our Branding Manager posting up in our office.

2) Bacon bandaids. Unless you were a pig, why would you want these? And even then…

3) If I saw someone wearing these at the beach, I think after my initial laughing fit, I’d feel a bit weirded out. It’s almost too much information about what’s underneath…but then I am pretty squeamish about body parts and bones and stuff. 

4) These pencils look like Mr Squiggle’s nose!

Conversations with Donna & Gavin

Conversation one:

Donna (via Skype): I have to go to this class about pain management during labour.
Me:  Oh, like epidurals and stuff?
Donna: Yeah. I don’t really want to have an epidural, it sounds really bad.
Me: Well, everyone’s different hey, you just have to get what’s going to be best for you.
Donna: That’s right. And everyone has different pain thresholds anyway. Mine’s pretty strong. I’ll probably be ok.   
Gavin (butting in, uninvited): Donna will want an epidural within five minutes of going into labour.

Conversation two:

Donna: I don’t like your friends. They swear too much.
Gavin: Well your friends swear too!
Donna: No they don’t!
Gavin: What about Neen?
Donna: Neen doesn’t swear!
Gavin: What are you talking about? She swears ALL the time.
Donna: I’ve never heard it.

Conversation three:

Me (via sms): Roslyn had her baby and she stole my name!
Donna (subject title of her email not more than five minutes later).  Heretic! Sacrilege! And other grand betrayals.