The most profound post you will EVER read

Heretical as it is, I will make the bold statement that I don’t like blue nail polish.

Back in the olden days when I was a teen, I had a bit of a thing for pastel blue polish and metallic blue too. Then I grew up and realised pastels don’t suit me at all and metallic nail polish is all wrong for my skin. So I barred it. Plus blue polish just seems so, i don’t know, 90s?  

However, this highly gorgeous Tiffany Blue may just be worth another foray into the world of blue polish.

Tiffany Blue gorgeousness

Isn’t it lovely? Like ten mini Tiffany boxes balancing on your hands – every girl’s dream!

Daydream Lily demonstrating polish in situ


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Things that make Husband cranky

When his wifey wastes electricity by leaving the lights on in every room.

When his wifey tries to save electricity by turning the TV off at the wall and he only notices once he’s sat down.

When she doesn’t follow instructions when cooking.

When she talks incessantly while he’s trying to sleep.

When she wakes him up to kill spiders/moths/big flies/other creatures.

Lucky she’s wonderful in every other way.