The queen of the jewels

Today I realised with some, erm, alarm, that if I wanted to wear all of my earings and rings at the same time, I’d need 39 pairs of ears and 33 fingers. I refuse to count my necklaces.

Compared to Ian’s one ring & 5 pairs of cufflinks, this seems quite excessive.

I really hope that Santa doesn’t read my blog and think he needs to change tactics next year. You’re a sweet guy Santa, thanks for keeping me so bejeweled. I always enjoy being pleasantly surprised with gifts of adornment :)

2 thoughts on “The queen of the jewels

  1. I read somewhere once a quote that said something like “jewellery takes people’s minds off your wrinkles”! not that you have any of those yet!!!

  2. Hehe! I think the moral of this story is that ian needs to get more bling so u don’t feel so alarmed! Just make sure he stops before he gets to the giant clock on an equally big gold chain! :-)

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