It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

2010 was a funny old year. There were some definite highlights but also some crapola lowlights. Here’s the good, the bad and the ugly from my little life over the past year:

The good

  • Getting wonderfully spoilt by Leigh and David with a weekend away at The Drawing Rooms in Berry for my 30th. What a gorgeous place to stay and what could be nicer than getting to spend one on one time with my lovely sister?
  • Starting a dinner with club with Mr & Mrs Williams
  • Seeing friends and family get married/have babies/fall pregnant
  • Starting a blog which has been kind of fun. I’m not the best blogger – I didn’t write a single thing in November. But while I was neglecting my blog I was taking great pleasure enjoying others’
  • Three trips to Melbourne to visit Donna Kebabs. The last trip with the Sheelster was particularly enjoyable!
  • A road trip to the South Coast with E. Was exactly what the doctor ordered and I think we relaxed for the first time all year
  • Being a bridesmaid for what I think will be the last time (phew and boo) Side note – I’ve been a flower girl twice, a junior bridesmaid once, a bridesmaid twice, a maid of honour once and a matron of honour twice. Time to hang that dress up me thinks! But I digress…
  • An Italian Food Safari with Mum. Ian’s parents gifted us this fabulous experience for Christmas in ’09 and poor E ended up having to pull out at the last minute due to work drama so Mum came along instead. It rocked!
  • Cooking one new recipe a week, every week from one of Bill Granger’s cook books.  I loved it

The bad

  • Pulling my neck out of place while trying to escape from a spider and then having to deal with neck pain all freaking year
  • Having Chostochondritis flair up every couple of months (new year’s resolution, stop lifting heavy things!)
  • Constant restructuring at work that’s lasted more than a year and is still going on. Sort it out FFS
  • Not liking my job but not knowing what I want to do with my life
  • Cooking one new recipe a week, every week from one of Bill Granger’s cook books.  I hated it

The ugly

  • Getting really down for about a month in the middle of the year. I think it’s the most miserable I’ve ever been. Was a bit of a combo of working really long hours, not seeing sunshine in months (how grey was winter?) and feeling like working in an office building all day was the most unnourishing experience anyone could ever have. Artificial lights, having to swipe yourself into the bathroom and realising your job is not meaningful in anyway = misery.

So now we head into 2011 and I feel rested, positive and excited. Resolutions for 2011:

  • Don’t buy any books until I’ve read all the ones I own
  • Don’t lift heavy things
  • Externalise compliments rather than keeping nice comments/feedback in my head
  • Have lots of little goals + a few big long terms ones.

You may not have heard it, but 2011 is my year :)

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