Morphing into my husband

I really dislike it when I hear people saying that they want to change something about their partner.

Hoping they’ll stop leaving their dirty undies in the bathroom is one thing. But trying to get them to like shopping or to be a vegetarian or change religions is something else.  If you really don’t like something about someone or aren’t compatible with them, then why are you trying to be together? Who wants a partner that is ‘under the thumb’? Not I.

However I have to admit that when Ian and I got married and moved in together, I was convinced that I could turn him into a morning person. Luckily for poor Ian, I realised pretty quickly that it wasn’t possible.  A night owl will simply never be an early bird.

But it seems that by accident, I am now morphing into Ian in quite a few ways. Maybe this is the universe’s retribution for me thinking I could change something about my husband?

Suprising examples of this morphville include:

– I now love NRL. Yes. You read right. I love NRL. I joined a footy tipping comp a couple of years ago and became obsessed. I love watching live games (I even cheer out loud) and I watch it on TV too. Last year I realised that I knew who was where in the competition ladder better than Ian did. Scary stuff.

– I have become a 100% full portion geek. I love my computer and my phone more any other possessions I own and I waste countless hours playing on them. After our South Coast holiday a couple of months ago, we came home, went straight to our ‘nerd room’ and didn’t talk for about four hours while we caught up on our various blogs, forums, emails, etc. I also seem to have started using geek vocabularly as part of every day language.

– I eat far more meat that I ever used to.

-I am now a decisive person and have zero patience for indecision or faffing around.

– My bull shit radar is as finely tuned as Ian’s.

– I like to go fishing – but only with bait. I’m not yet skilled enough to use lures like husband does.

– I eat pizza with my hands, not with a knife and fork.

– I am far less of a pack animal than I used to be. For me, staying at home and not seeing too many people is actually highly appealing.

– I hate having a full schedule with plan after plan locked into our calendar.

– I actually considered playing computer games to improve my spatial awareness. This thought lasted about five minutes, then I got a grip.

I beg you dear friends, if you ever hear me talking about avoiding the sun and staying inside to play World of Warcraft all day, please do come and talk some sense into me. Who knows how far this morphing will go?


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