Mac attack

I loved cupcakes. Loved. Past tense. When cupcake shops started exploding on the scene a few years ago, I queued up with the rest of Sydney.

But us Sydney siders are a fickle bunch. So when macarons began appearing in patisseries around town, we moved swiftly on to the next sugary delight.

Now, macarons, my dear friends, are not to be confused with macaroons. And no, it’s not a typo, they are two very different things.

Macarons look like the sweet version of a mini burger.

Exhibit A

 Macaroons on the other hand are a lump of coconut.

Exhibit B

While it’s widely thought that the French invented macarons, there seems to be some people who say they originated in Venice (probably the Italians) or Luxembourg (probably the Luxembourgians).

As for whether you pronounce them differently, well, there seems to be debate about that also. I guess it’s a case of you say potato, I say pot-ta-to.

I wonder what Sydney will be crazy for next.

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