A hair trend I like and a hair trend I don’t

A few weeks ago, I noticed a graduate at work wearing an insanely large hair clip. It was the end of the day and we were leaving the office so I assumed that she must be on her way to some sort of fancy dress party.

But then I saw her again a few days later wearing a different clip, also oversized. I must confess that I mentally filed her into my ‘eccentric people in the office’ basket.

However when I was in Valley Girl looking for a Christmas present for my 13 year old cousin, I realised that the gigantic hair clips were being sold there. So I guess these things are, (gasp), in fashion?

Might be the thing to wear amongst Gen Y’s, but frankly, I’m keeping these monster sized head clips in the eccentric basket.

Is this not ridiculous?


In good news though, it seems that the plait is making a come back! Now there’s a hair style I like. Reminds me of when I was young :) Guess I need to download a DIY braid guide.

Fish tail braid!

2 thoughts on “A hair trend I like and a hair trend I don’t

  1. Those bows really ARE large! I kinda like the heart tho! Could see myself wearing it . I never could braid, but I love a good fishtail!

  2. the project co-ord at FFD wears a giant red bow on some days, it fits in well with her style so I dont think it’s weird! I wouldnt wear one though :) I LOVE the fishtail braid…will have to get Jay to learn that one (he already braids my hair for me….so sweet!)

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