If the shoe fits

My Dad believes that you can tell a lot about a person by the shoes they wear. My friend Andrew also subscribes to this theory. I used to scoff at the idea that you could judge someone so quickly and actually be right about it. But I’m starting to find that it’s actually kind of true.

So after some extensive google research, I present the social psychology of shoes:

A person who wears the same pair of shoes everyday is someone who is uncomfortable with change.

A person who wears a pair of shoes that are worn around the soles or has holes in them is lazy, careless, and has self-destructive tendencies.

A person who wears open toe shoes with socks is generally unhealthy and has a fear of intimacy.

A person who wears open toe shoes all year long, even in winter has a superiority complex and suffers from anxiety.

A person who wears the same style of shoe but in several different colours tends to be hyper-focused and not very original.

A person who only wears closed toe shoes has control issues.

A person who only wears open toe shoes has trouble with authority.

A person who does not generally wear shoes is either a baby, a homeless person, or an idiot.

A person who wears between five and 10 pairs of shoes is well adjusted.

A person who wears more than 20 pairs of shoes embraces change and likes boundaries.

A person who wears more than 50 pairs of shoes is complex and moody.

A person who wears more than 75 pairs of shoes suffers from separation anxiety.

A person who wears over 150 pairs of shoes is obsessive-compulsive, has strong ties with the past, and has no limits.

And while we’re on the topic, here’s a few pics of funny shoes I found on the web. I don’t think any psychology is necessary to analyse the wearers of these little beauties. They say FREAK loud and clear to me!

Morphing into my husband

I really dislike it when I hear people saying that they want to change something about their partner.

Hoping they’ll stop leaving their dirty undies in the bathroom is one thing. But trying to get them to like shopping or to be a vegetarian or change religions is something else.  If you really don’t like something about someone or aren’t compatible with them, then why are you trying to be together? Who wants a partner that is ‘under the thumb’? Not I.

However I have to admit that when Ian and I got married and moved in together, I was convinced that I could turn him into a morning person. Luckily for poor Ian, I realised pretty quickly that it wasn’t possible.  A night owl will simply never be an early bird.

But it seems that by accident, I am now morphing into Ian in quite a few ways. Maybe this is the universe’s retribution for me thinking I could change something about my husband?

Suprising examples of this morphville include:

– I now love NRL. Yes. You read right. I love NRL. I joined a footy tipping comp a couple of years ago and became obsessed. I love watching live games (I even cheer out loud) and I watch it on TV too. Last year I realised that I knew who was where in the competition ladder better than Ian did. Scary stuff.

– I have become a 100% full portion geek. I love my computer and my phone more any other possessions I own and I waste countless hours playing on them. After our South Coast holiday a couple of months ago, we came home, went straight to our ‘nerd room’ and didn’t talk for about four hours while we caught up on our various blogs, forums, emails, etc. I also seem to have started using geek vocabularly as part of every day language.

– I eat far more meat that I ever used to.

-I am now a decisive person and have zero patience for indecision or faffing around.

– My bull shit radar is as finely tuned as Ian’s.

– I like to go fishing – but only with bait. I’m not yet skilled enough to use lures like husband does.

– I eat pizza with my hands, not with a knife and fork.

– I am far less of a pack animal than I used to be. For me, staying at home and not seeing too many people is actually highly appealing.

– I hate having a full schedule with plan after plan locked into our calendar.

– I actually considered playing computer games to improve my spatial awareness. This thought lasted about five minutes, then I got a grip.

I beg you dear friends, if you ever hear me talking about avoiding the sun and staying inside to play World of Warcraft all day, please do come and talk some sense into me. Who knows how far this morphing will go?

Mac attack

I loved cupcakes. Loved. Past tense. When cupcake shops started exploding on the scene a few years ago, I queued up with the rest of Sydney.

But us Sydney siders are a fickle bunch. So when macarons began appearing in patisseries around town, we moved swiftly on to the next sugary delight.

Now, macarons, my dear friends, are not to be confused with macaroons. And no, it’s not a typo, they are two very different things.

Macarons look like the sweet version of a mini burger.

Exhibit A

 Macaroons on the other hand are a lump of coconut.

Exhibit B

While it’s widely thought that the French invented macarons, there seems to be some people who say they originated in Venice (probably the Italians) or Luxembourg (probably the Luxembourgians).

As for whether you pronounce them differently, well, there seems to be debate about that also. I guess it’s a case of you say potato, I say pot-ta-to.

I wonder what Sydney will be crazy for next.

A bad egg

Have you seen the youtube video of the bratty child who had a tantrum because he was given books for Christmas? He screams at his parents about what a rubbish present is. He does this while sitting next to what looks to me like a brand new Wii.

Kind of reminds me of Veruka Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

I think this kid’s looking like he needs a trip down the bad egg shute too! Click here to be alarmed and dismayed.

A hair trend I like and a hair trend I don’t

A few weeks ago, I noticed a graduate at work wearing an insanely large hair clip. It was the end of the day and we were leaving the office so I assumed that she must be on her way to some sort of fancy dress party.

But then I saw her again a few days later wearing a different clip, also oversized. I must confess that I mentally filed her into my ‘eccentric people in the office’ basket.

However when I was in Valley Girl looking for a Christmas present for my 13 year old cousin, I realised that the gigantic hair clips were being sold there. So I guess these things are, (gasp), in fashion?

Might be the thing to wear amongst Gen Y’s, but frankly, I’m keeping these monster sized head clips in the eccentric basket.

Is this not ridiculous?


In good news though, it seems that the plait is making a come back! Now there’s a hair style I like. Reminds me of when I was young :) Guess I need to download a DIY braid guide.

Fish tail braid!