Paris versus Brussels

In the blog world, people seem to be quite obsessed with Paris. Almost every blogger I follow has raved about Paris at some point in time. In the real world, people are obsessed with Paris too. Everyone thinks it’s the most amazingly, romantic city – the most beautiful in the all the world. And I don’t think any city has been more photographed.

There’s lots of cool things about Paris. The eiffel tower is fun. Sacré-Coeur is beautiful. Montmartre and St Germain are gorgeous and lovely. And they have fabulous croissants and cheese.

But I’d like to put it out there that I think Brussels is even more beautiful. For me, the Grand Place at the centre of town is just spectacular! It’s such a wonderful mix of artistic and architectural styles, both gothic and baroque. The cathedral is stunning, especially when it’s lit up at night. And any city that’s famous for a manequin peeing is going to score points with me!

Plus the food alone is worth going for. We’re talking Moules et Frites, people! Plus waffles and chocolates on every corner.

Moules + frites with mayo!


One of many chocolate shops = bliss out




The gorgeous grand place


The cathedral


The Manneken Pis 

I don’t have any yearnings to go back to Paris really. But Brussels? I dream of returning…

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