Collections I’ll accept

I have a small fear of ‘stuff’. And the word ‘collecting’ fills me with dread. I am more than happy to collect memories but I don’t want to collect ‘stuff’.

I think this fear of ‘stuff’ stems from:

1) Having a mother who will NEVER throw anything out.
2) Living in a teensy flat and therefore having no room for said ‘stuff’.
3) Caring about the environment and therefore worrying about how much water and energy it takes to produce ‘stuff”.

A website I used to love, Apartment Therapy, did a week of ‘bad collections’ earlier this year. It profiled the bedrooms of people who have seriously tacky collections. Things like Pez dispensers, number plates, etc. It disturbed me so much that I unsubscribed to the site! But I’ve recently seen some really nice collections that I thought I’d post here.

If I was going to start collecting anything, it would be one of the items below:

Funky teapots!
Cute little clocks
Penguin classics, neatly packed away in a cupboard
Gorgeous, colourful bowls


Brightly coloured pillows





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