A slightly unhinged Aunty

My Aunty B sent the following email to St George Bank. It’s quite possibly the most amusing thing I’ve ever read. It’s also quite possibly the most concerning. Frequent trips to Psychiatric hospitals on the Gold Coast are looking more and more likely.

Dear Sir /Madam
I have been with your bank since 1998. I have had a home load with your bank and now hold a freedom account and mastercard account.
My late husband was a journalist and wrote a beautiful story about one of your branches in the Gold Coast Bulletin when the Nerang branch closed.
We both had mastercard’s with St. George, we always paid out home loan on time and we never had debt collectors calling at our door. Since his death i now have another loan with a different institution which i manage well and have never received a debt collectors notice from anyone.
3 years when i was travelling in europe i need extra cash and made the call to australia. Within a few minutes i was granted $3000. Just like that, no dramas , no hassles all done and this was done from Greece.
NOW THIS MORNING I AM ON THE GOLD COAST IN AUSTRALIA AND I RING UP TO ORGANISE AN INCREASE OF ANOTHER $1000 DOLLARS AND IF YOU LOOK AT MY MASTERCARD TRANSACTIONS MY CREDIT LIMITED was $6000. and i paid this all of and was down to $400 dollars. SPENT A BIT OF CASH last night but need the extra $1000 for a crown for my tooth so that i DON’T GET BLOODY FALSE TEETH or leading up to getting false teeth. The very thought makes my stomach churn and i want to be sick. So i ring up and ask for a miserable $1000 dollars and christ to do i get a ring around. I DON’T bloody qualify. what a lot of bullshit.
I have always paid my card on time and yes i will admit that i have been overdrawn but i work for stupid queensland health and as you know the pay system is up to crap and i have not received my due wages on time and have been late with payments which have been very stressful no fault on the bank but did get reminders to please pay statements which i finally have until today when i need this extra grand.
Now lets get this right
i am not asking for $100,000 only ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS
You charge me anyway if i am late so what is the BIG DEAL
So i decided to go into the bank at Pacific Fair and the manager was very helpful indeed and Jenny works there. You see Jenny worked at Nerang and she remembers the story my late husband wrote and within 2 minutes of being in the bank i was sitting opposite Sharon but she could not help me because the system was locked out and her advice to me was to retry in a months time as i have been rejected 3 times in one day.
I NEED THE BLOODY CROWN FOR MY TOOTH SO THAT I DON’T LAND UP WITH GETTING FALSE TEETH AT AGE OF 53 YES 53 AND I WOULD PREFER TO BLOODY DIE THAN LAND UP WITH A FALSIE IN MY MOUTH. I have a dentist appointment at 1330 queensland time on Monday and i need that cash to pay the dentist. Now i know crowns take time and maybe i can convince the dentist the bank is up is up to crap and would not lend me the money in time would he be kind enough to please go ahead with the treatment -i wonder if i am going to get the arse treatment i received today.
i am also going to write a letter to the bank ombudsman and get his advice on this matter.
i know this letter is personal but i am so disappointed in your service and the supervisor whose name is EDWARD. I sure he was laughing at me and he sounded completely disinterested. Tried giving me some bullshit story about the the government. LEAVE THE POLITICIANS’ OUT OF THIS.

Your bank makes enough profit in one financial year to feed the bloody country and i am not interested in other crap about responsibilities. SINCE WHEN DO YOU AS THE BANK CARE ABOUT RESPONSIBILITIES WHEN YOU MAKE SUCH A HUGE PROFIT EACH YEAR AND LETS GET IT RIGHT $1000 WILL NOT CLOSE THE DOORS OF ST.George.
I did call that edward guy a prick because i felt he was not interested in my call and was just playing around with his pen and saying yes yes and yes to shut me up.I do not apologise for that but i highly recommend the the staff at pacific fair.
i do hope to hear back from you soon.
i have sent this letter to 2 other people who i would like to have a copy of what i have written and copy for me.
Thanking you.

3 thoughts on “A slightly unhinged Aunty

  1. That just made my morning! Seriously laughing out loud! Does gorgeous aunty speak as she writes? I think we know who really needs to blog…she would have 100,000 NOT 1000 followers in days! How did it end up? Did she get the money?

  2. Haha, her blog would be quite popular. Although perhaps too confusing to read on a daily basis. Have you seen her stories on my facebook wall about Elliot’s xrays. I can not make head nor tale of them!

    But yes, she did get the money :)

    1. Oh good, glad she could get her dental work so she doesn’t have to have BLOODY FALSIE!! I have seen her stories/rants! Quite amusing! But I also feel bad for poor Elliot! Good that he has a gma willing to fight for him!

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