The it list

Five things I’m loving right now…

Sunshiney days

Sushi (this is an everlasting love actually)

Blackforest cake

Pictures in my coffee – both totally naff and totally cute

The idea of owning the only pink house in an otherwise boring street

One thought on “The it list

  1. Well I too am loving sunshiney days :) It means that our kids spend practically the whole day outside…resulting in fewer arguments as they aren’t in each others space all the time!

    I want to love sushi but I just can’t seem to eat raw fish or even cooked tuna when presented in sushi form! But I love that pickled ginger that comes with it! Maybe you need to teach me how to order sushi that I will actually like!

    Pictures in coffee very clever not naff! I can’t even get a pretty swirl when I make coffee @ home. It just ends up this frothy brown mess with some chocolate pwd sprinkled on top in a poor attempt to cover it!

    And I love that house! But would it make you a target during times of war? Or perhaps even during times of gay & lesbian mardi gras?!

    Wishing you a fantastical day miss Janeen. X

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